Diesel Black Gold Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 New York

If you didn't see black at the Diesel Black Gold presentation, then you'd fallen asleep.  In a presentation that was resolutely not along the same lines as last season's "bright lights, bass thumping" show, the designer showed black in every single look, most looks exclusively in the hue.

The result wasn't a bust but casting an eye back at last season, it also wasn't a boon. Workwear inspirations nestled themselves in D-clips and nylon belts wound around the body and waist, to alter the shape. This juxtaposed at times with the scant printed options, but it was clear that Andreas Melbostad was still after this sort of biker girl.  Hopefully, she'll find the slight roomy motorcycle jackets with their asymmetrical zips and curving collars more compelling than we did. If not, there's always the knit crop tops laced up the side and the quilted bomber that closed the show to supplant them.