Diesel Black Gold Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 New York

"When I went to the Adidas showroom, I saw she has her own line!" a guest commented, watching the fashion force that currently is Rita Ora cause a veritable photographer maelstrom as she took her front row seat at the Diesel Black Gold show. "I've never even heard her music but she has all that stuff with DKNY and a bunch of fashion collaborations." It was an interesting conversation to overhear, discussing an age of rock star sans emphasis on the rock, and an apt one to precede a collection of pointed-toed booties, studded leathers and thumping music. It was clear from the slight light show to start and end the show that Andreas Melbostad was thinking about rock stars, too.

But technology was also on the designer's mind.  Only hours before Apple revealed their iWatch, the Black Gold runway debuted Samsung's Gear S, a wearable wrist piece with a 2-inch screen. The piece is as sleek as you can be with a 2-inch screen, done in the same red, black, white and powder blue palette the collection of pleated dress and tubular shaped handbags came in and didn't distract too much from the collection. For those wanting a little more, there are options available with metal studs.

The collection was an interesting one, given Diesel proper is going through its "reboot."  There was ample attention paid to both leather (which at one point appeared as a bralette with a lace-up front) and denim (another bralette, this one paired with high-waisted jeans), but there was also a slight delicacy and femininity in shape as well as a modesty of sorts (heels checked in around the 3- or 4- inch mark) that are not likely to be found under Formichetti's Diesel.  

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