Dion Lee Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 New York

The Dion Lee collection this morning was clean. With mostly monochromatic pieces that are honestly the best point to start with in describing the collection.

The show notes simply listed words. “Insulate”, “remove”, “cut”, and “gravity” are amongst them. And each of them describes a piece from the range: insulated puffer jackets, removable panels on the  bottom of leather coats, dresses and trousers seemingly turned into ribbons after the razor cuts they were dealt with, as well as those ribbons and even some net like detailing drooping from the effects of gravity. It was by no means a noisy collection nor a fussy one, but at the same token, neither was it breathtaking. A suit came down with that razor having returned for some sharp tailoring that was a standout, but I oddly wanted something more.