Dolce & Gabbana Menswear Fall Winter 2012 Milan

A long black cape opened today’s Dolce&Gabbana show; worn with a three-piece suit, it suggested dark yet playful Dracula elegance for next winter.

A recurring appearance of velvet lapels and waistcoats worn with white shirt and black ties brought a gothic nudge à la Brad Pitt in ‘Interview with a Vampire’. The generous use of organic, traditionally East European embroidery on jackets, coats, simple jumpers, as well as the use of thick fur on necklines and linings took the audience straight to an imaginary Transylvania.

In parallel, the designs also pointed at a certain British countryside chic, with three quarter, buttoned-hem trousers, bow ties, long johns and brown leather weekender bags – Jack the Ripper perhaps?

Decadent as always, Dolce&Gabbana showed no restraint, as men in tighter-than-skin boxer shorts marched down, followed by golden silk pajamas (to be worn inside and outside the bedroom), full velvet suits in rich reds – and of course, a pair of distressed jeans, true to its denim tradition.

Minimalist it is not – but indulgent, ripped and sharp-teethed, without a doubt.

-Alice Pfeiffer