Dolce & Gabbana Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 Milan


The duo - Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana Once again found themselves plucking ideas from Domenico's native Sicily for their Fall Winter 2012 Collection, specifically its baroque religious traditions. It was as if the black capes and velvet dresses had been dipped in gold, each and every one of them - or rolled in flower beds as the blossoms that hung above us worked their way onto lace little dresses, thickly embroidered coats, corsets and knickerbockers and ladylike bags. 

They recalled cardinal vestments, albeit a re-edition of these in black and gold. White lace frocks, meanwhile, brought to mind communion dresses. Lace pop socks boasted ribbons at the back and were worn with pointy booties that curled up at the toe. Last season's fruity earrings were replaced with huge jewels that echoed those extravagant chandeliers above the runway. Colorful needlepoint florals and prints of cherubs also contributed to a sweeter-than-usual mood. The finale parade consisted not of the usual corset tops, bralets, and bloomers but of more black lace coats, dresses, and skirtsuits embroidered in metallic gold thread.

This collection inspiration definitely showed. Rich, opulent, romantic and ornate.

-Mario Casarella