Donna Karan Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 New York
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Donna Karan Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 New York

The giant video display backdrop at the Donna Karan show spelled out the designer’s starting point in large brush strokes of colors. Continuously swathing the screen in bold shades as the collection unfurled before the audience. The digital imagery a clear celebration of street art. That form of self expression that is endlessly busting forth onto the landscape of urban living.

“New York is my palette, my passion, my fuel - a culture that empowers creativity,” said Karan in the show notes.

That might be true but this collection’s artistic inclinations seemed to have reached the Big Apple by way of Peru and Spain, or even parts of Africa.

The designer unleashed her rebelliously artistic side on her lightly 50s-inspired silhouettes by smattering, splashing and scribbling her fabrics with graffiti. The effect was certainly appealing, even if it skated close to the edge of echoing the tagging style of another leading female fashion designer.

However, Karan showed that she still has her finger on the pulse of urban fashion. Bra tops and shirt dresses are popping up all over the catwalks in New York this season, and Karan had some of the best propositions out there.

The show might have taken its inspiration from the streets, but this iconic designer proved that its visceral power also can easily have a home in a modern woman’s wardrobe.