Drones at Dolce!

In something of an about-turn for a brand that has spent the past few seasons courting an online-obsessed and always-connected generation, Dolce & Gabbana spent the first half an hour of its Autumn/Winter 2018 show today trying to convince its audience to log off the WiFi. Really? Yes. Finally, but reluctantly, everyone did and then it all became apparent as drones flew out handbags down the catwalk. Really? Yes. Which put a whole new meaning to the term “hands-free” (“Can I take that for you?”; “No, it’s OK, my drone has got that for me.”).

DOLCE & GABBANA FW18 show in Milan. Photo by Guillaume Roujas for NOWFASHION.

And that was just the beginning of a collection that was packed full of fashion gimmicks. The set was made out like a church, appropriate for a Sunday in Italy, reading “Fashion Devotion” across the gate from which the bags flew out. Of course, fashion as religion is one of the more obvious comparisons, the biannual (at least) pilgrimage across the globe to see the collections; the dedication to shopping and saving and buying and wearing. It gives pleasure and it prompts guilt.

So out came “Fashion Sinner” slogans on T-shirts, which had leanings more towards the fashion satire of Moschino; there were ornate mirror bags and those that looked like a theatre stage; handbag headbands; wings on the back of the bombers – standard angel garb one imagines up in heaven; and there was a giant zebra coat and hat ensemble. Really? Yes.

Nothing was toned down here: jewels, bling, fringe, frills and ruffles, sequins and princess dresses, corsets and Marie Antoinette wigs, the Nineties, hip-hop. Heck, cuddly animals, too – a panda toy making for another irreverent accessory.

Despite the no-WiFi rule, everything was amped up for Insta madness, which will no doubt have crashed and scrambled many a screen when everyone finally did get back online and posted in one huge cascade of Dolce drama. 

DOLCE & GABBANA FW18 show in Milan. Photo by Guillaume Roujas for NOWFASHION.

Undoubtedly fun as always, and undoubtedly designed for the palm of one’s hand in mind, so loud and bright and vivid and super-styled was everything, this was the youngest of their millennial-influencer-Gen Z repositioning offerings yet. And everything about it pleaded to be on a screen: where it can be shown off and shout the loudest.

And you can’t help but wonder what will happen with the drones next? Will they be modelling a whole collection next time? Surely not…


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