Duckie Brown Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 New York

Last season things got a little muddled at the Duckie Brown presentation when they threw a few womenswear looks into the mix -- though we still contend that some of those looks were the best of the bunch.  This season, to circumvent that, the designers presented a look book of their women's looks -- a solid move as opposed to abandoning the line or going through the craziness of two shows -- and left the runway to the men.

It was a smart maneuver, seeing as the menswear offerings from the brand can be relatively soft-spoken at times. Say, for example the first look, a white shirt and grey trouser. Here the emphasis was on the trouser with its curved seam that caused the silhouette to hug the waist, billow out around the hip and then curve back in for the leg.  It was a shape to get used to, the low crotch of the seat of the pant included, but after a few trips down the runway it already felt familiar, pushing things a little bit in a pale pink. For those not entirely ready for the cut there was the Duckie trouser -- the crotch still low, the front still flat, but the leg quite a bit straighter.

There was a slight play with opacity: a blue glitter Harrington jacket completely solid, while a long short of the same gave hints of the waif-like legs beneath. A check bomber and pink utility jacket continued the play, and though it was all a tad interesting, it was the cut of those trousers that captivated.