EDITORIAL | Opposites Attract

Sporty accents rule on Parisian elegance in an unexpected way. 


Latex blouse Neith Nyer - Knitted Dress Missoni - Bomber Jacket Christian Dada - Socks Poustovit - Shoes Prada


Studded Hoodie Studmuffin Nyc - Bomber Jacket n°21 - Skirt Prada - Socks Poustovit - Sandals Mach & Mach


Nylon Coat Cottweiler - Hoodie Chaos - Shirt, pants and shoes Marco De Vincenzo


Hooide Reebok by Cottweiler - Long Sleeves Tee Christian Dada - Long skirt Jourden - Bag Neith Nyer


Red Waistcoat Situationist - Hoodie Tanique Coburn - Pants Neith Nyer


Overalls used as a jumper Salvatore Vignola - Dress Sacai - Boots Moschino


Down jacket and long dress by Y/Project - Bag Marni - Shoes Both


Photos: Pier Nicola Bruno
Style: Giorgia Cantarini
Style Assistant: Orsola Amadeo
Assistants: Alessio Ascia - Callaway Kosine De Suzannet
Make up artist: Rocco Santamorena @MH Artist
Hair Stylist: Filippo Costanza
Model: Janke @Marilyn Paris