Elie Saab Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 Paris

Let's set the stage first. The venue was all black. The only mise en scene: the outline of trees with bare branches and on the soundtrack, the theme music from the film Basic Instinct shared  screen time with Marilyn Manson singing  Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).

Elie Saab has got his freak on.

No, not really. But this collection did have a more sinister soul then anything to ever come down the designer's catwalk in the past. This season the Saab woman walked with purpose into the designer's dark and mysterious woods. She went in armed with outfits that had a military rigor and a straight backed silhouette. The metal buttons on her jackets came polished to a mirrored sheen, her high heel lace up boots sliced back for open-toe ease and she wore flattering trousers that hugged just so.

But then, deep in the forest, all that man-made precision began to make way for the beauty of Mother Nature. Dresses showed up embellished with climbing ivy. Richly hued lichen was transformed into a print or suggested in shimmering embellishments on a hand full of garments. While bare branches became lace inserts down shirt sleeves or were woven into leather looks.

When our intrepid wanderer finally reappeared from her explorations, she had been transformed into a womanly wood nymph; a sprite who favors flowing gown with flattering foliole beading and open work artistry.

Sweet Dreams are made of this...indeed they are.