Elie Saab Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014 Paris

Elie Saab’s designs never stray too far off the garden path. But this season its blooms became the central theme of the spring/summer 2014 show. The designer even titled his collection “A Lace Garden” in his program notes.

In the color theme groupings that the audience has come to expect from Saab, the designer sent out a dress dominated collection. One filled with flower pattered lace that was inserted, overlaid and appliqué onto the different designs.

Besides the more typical bead and lace embellished red carpet gowns, Saab offered up a few original options. A group of white outfits that had blossoming red and orange poppies sprouting from the center of a floor length gown, climbing up the skirt of a short dress or encircling a long sleeve top looked particularly fresh. And a series of black outfits covered in beautiful mélange of multicolored beadwork, which gave the garments an interesting textural patina, were also unexpected.

This show was filled with a panoply of pretty, if slightly mild sartorial options. And with fifty nine looks, Saab’s garden was seriously overrun by blooms. This designer needs to learn how to prune back his offerings. And if he does what remains will be the stronger for it.