Emporio Armani Menswear Fall Winter 2012 Milan
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Emporio Armani Menswear Fall Winter 2012 Milan

Why run when you can walk? Why walk when you can glide… The Emporio Armani man was in no rush this morning. If time is money then this guy exudes this equation demonstrated by the measured pace at which the models walked, allowing all eyes to take in an abundance of sporty detailing on a spectrum of luxurious textures. 

Pausing to soak up that chic, midnight blue/black that Armani adores for a moment, it’s as if the clothing is lit, solely, by a moon gazing down over a private space. The softest of pelts, the majority shearling, were dyed lovingly to this shade. Fedora’s, kid leather gloves and bags all matched. 
Interestingly the edgy, three-quarter carrot or cigar cut trouser was proposed amongst the lions share that was a long and slim-cut trouser that gives height to any frame. Another highlight was a soft hood on a jacket that fell with ease, gently framing the models face thus taking the edge off an impeccable suit that had razor-thin lapels matched with fringed, penny loafers. As the show progressed we were taken from the cool professional to am equally cool bohemian – the Emporio man harbours romantic imagination and desire symbolised by plush velvet that’s been a big trend across the board this season in Milan. 
It’s estimated that nearly three-hundred models attended the casting call on January 10, some of the biggest in the world made the cut - Marlon Teixeira, Francisco Lachowski, Arthur Sales, Sebastian Sauve, Elia Cometti and, spectacularly, the Patriota twins from Brazil. They, and a few lucky females, wore a sublime collection that applied so much attention to details from seamless waist-coats to double stitched grand-pa collars to capes and hooded bolero’s that I could have happily watched a repeat of the whole show. There were fifty-three looks in all, I didn’t want it to end. 
- Sarah Hay