Part of the mystery of any given photograph is the fact that it was taken at a certain time, in a certain place and time keeps moving on. A photograph might be a moment in time preserved, but the world continues to change around it.


look: Rotsaniyom


look: WeAnnaBe


look: THEO




cape: Flow the Label


look: Litkovskaya


look: Anna K


look: Who is it?


left - dress: RCR KHOMENKOcoat: Helena Art / look: Anna October ; right - look: Flow the Label


look: Rotsaniyom



Photo and Concept: Gio Staiano
Intro text: Errol Morris
Production: More Dash
Models: Lera Mayboroda, Mariia Yelahina - MSS Management
Stylist: Artem Pylypenko
Production assistants: Nikita Kozlov and Hlib Rodchenkov
Venue: CEC Parkovy, Kyiv, Ukraine

A Special thanks to the Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days fashion week organisation to make this shooting possible.


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