Fendi Menswear Spring Summer 2014 Milan
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Fendi Menswear Spring Summer 2014 Milan

With a giant yellow sand dune situated in the middle of a large warehouse, the set of the Fendi men's spring summer 2014 show resembled a Saudi Arabian oil field.

Waiters dressed in one-piece jumpsuits distributed odd snacks like quail eggs and dried mango, while perplexed spectators standing on the sidelines with sand in their shoes muttered: this better be worth it.

Well. It was.

Off to a futuristic start, casual jackets, shorts, pants and parkas bore a synthetic effect, some with a cracked-eggshell texture, while pixilated prints and psychedelic jacquard covered neat suits.

Mismatched raffa-inspired plaid adorned casual pants and tops giving the collection an overheated effect, like a wicker chair that has been sitting out on the patio a little too long.

Short-sleeved and two-tone collarless jackets offered some shade from the desert heat. Pockets were taped onto natural colored macs and jackets.

Accessories had more of a functional role in the whole production, with weekend bags, mini-iPad cases and foldable briefcases were fit for desert adventures or urban living.

Silky, collarless Roman-print T-shirts were a clear tribute to Fendi's Roman roots and perhaps the days when the Roman Empire was one so strong it spilled into the Middle East.

Earthy tones like terracotta, ochre, chalk and coal and vivid shots of primary colors made for a sizzling hot color palette.

Water, please!

- Sofia Celeste