Fendi Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2014 Milan
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Fendi Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2014 Milan

At the Fendi show today the real action was taking place high above the catwalk. The Italian brand took live streaming of its show to a whole new level- literally- by using hovering “Drone Cams” to film its fall/winter 2014 collection in high definition. The idea being that the floating devices could give viewers at home an up close and personal experience that even front row guests wouldn’t be able to enjoy. When paired with the knowledge that the online audience was able to customize their Fendi show experience by watching it though the drone’s point of view or via the more traditional live perspective, Fendi instantly upped the social media anti in fashion coverage.

So what details did those drones pick up on?

An impressive display of fur manipulations on a collection of sportswear influenced designs. There was the fur bot incarnation of designer Karl Lagerfeld carried by Cara Delevingne who opened the show that definitely needed some closer inspection (FYI the little bot was recording throughout the presentation). As did dresses and coats that had bands of “Chia Pet” mink sprouting out. Only a house like Fendi, which got its start in the fur business, could be successful in creating expertly worked outerwear covered in patchworks of fur, all of which deserved a more intimate examination. 

From afar, however, this show was one more cerebral exploration of fashion by Lagerfeld. He played with tiered volume proportions that were hit (on glossy quilted outerwear worn with fur stoles and cropped wool overlays) and miss (a short top with a drawstring back and bracelet sleeves worn with short shorts). It was the pieces with the strongest sporty elements that worked the best: zip front dresses, mesh pocketed pleated skirts and speckled leather jogging pants, all had potential.

The move into an abstract print that repeated the same motif of the venue’s wallpaper, was a rather odd choice. Who wants to look like they are a walking element of interior design? But the final group of what looked like paint dappled fur designs- specifically the second to last maxi dress with the mesh back- brought this collection back in balance.

Teetering between tradition and technology.


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