Fendi Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014 Milan
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Fendi Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014 Milan

Each season, while watching the Fendi show, it's as if the audience is getting a chance to peek inside the mind of designer Karl Lagerfeld as he just riffs on a cool idea. Fendi is where he offers up directional dress that challenges his audience to try something new and unexpected. And this time the futuristic and graphic mélange of Mod and motherboards made for an electric dream.

“Its a very light collection,” explained Silvia Fendi “the base is almost transparent organza.”  

But lightness didn’t mean frothy or floaty. No, by grounding his florescent pastel color spectrum dress in graphic layered patterns (think color tab dividers in your school binder and math equation grid paper) Lagerfeld was able to create a commanding collection that balanced fragility with strength.

The almost indistinguishable models, all of them wearing the same razor cut shaggy black wig and a single fur trimmed ear cuffs, kept the focus on the clothes and the structures two tone or color block bags. And a good thing it was too, as that was the only way to pick up on the fact that many of the informatics inspired pieces used shaved fur to form their optical illusion patterns.

“They are the lightest fur pieces we have every done,” revealed Fendi, pointing to the last two looks. A pleated see though skirt and bandeau top, which were really just a backdrop to a stunning white fur coat, on the second to last exit and the final red fur dress might have looked computer generated, but it all came down to the skilled artisans in Fendi's fur division. “That white coat weights something like 100 grams,” said Fendi with pride in her voice.

Fendi should feel satisfied with this show. It was daring and dynamic and (other than those skirts that came out to a point at the widest spot on the model’s hips) should serve the house well next spring.