Five Looks from the Adam Selman Show

It's almost guaranteed you'll feel better about your day after sitting in an Adam Selman show. Much like his charismatic and gentle persona, his clothes often feel imbued with a joyful nonchalance and understated swag. This collection was no exception – on the contrary, even. Spritely tones, simple fabrics, and slimming silhouettes were showcased to the beat of a chill summer’s soundtrack and punctuated with noises of people swimming and splashing in water. 

The resulting overall mood was light, fresh and just celebratory. No overt or aggressive politically charged queues here (even if an ACLU pin was part of the swag left on seats), just a joyous statement expressed through design. In an interview with Selman backstage after the show, he pointed towards the US as an inspiration. "The whole collection is about American ideals and American ideas, like denim. Obviously, I love denim and it’s what I mostly wear,” he said. "I also went to a Georgia O'Keeffe show and there was quote by her there, interestingly on a plaque: 'Denim is the only American costume.' I took that thought as an inspiration and wanted to make it exciting."

Here are the top five looks from the show:

Photos by Regis Colin Berthelier for NOWFASHION

LOOK #2 – A coordinating suit set oozing volume and comfort was updated with button-up sleeve detailing on the jacket and a contrasting cuff on the relaxed trousers. The unusual shade of green was illuminated in a high shine satin fabric and perfectly paired back with a simple white boy tee.

LOOK #14 – In true spring form, Selman delivered the ultimate picnic dress – an off-the-shoulder dress with puffy bell sleeves and a cinched self-tie waist. All designed in a classic gingham pattern that was updated with a stark burst of lime green that lined the side slits of the dress.

LOOK #5 – The classiest romper you ever did see, executed in crispy white with elongated sleeves that featured his consistent split detailing. Designed with a deep plunge neckline, feeling half-blazer and half-business shirt, the piece exudes a chic yet casual vibe.


Photos by Regis Colin Berthelier for NOWFASHION

LOOK#34 – The ultimate matching set, this time mimicking that of a denim combo but created with a transparent gauze fabric. Both the sleeves and cuffs were embellished with a fern-like grass leaf and the odd floral. The boxiness of the jacket and the harsh construction details gave it a semi-utilitarian aesthetic too.

LOOK#27 – A powerfully bold trench coat, that felt light and wispy, was softly cinched to divide the fitted tee (with an all-seeing eye) with the high-waisted straight leg jeans. Despite seeming like an overtly classic look, it was freshly updated with the perfect trio of colors – an American staple of red, white, and blue!


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