Former Ferré Designers Debut Albagia

When Gianfranco Ferré and his architected, tailored flair left the fashion scene for good, his passing left a void. Today, the last two designers to work for the brand – Stefano Citron and Federico Piaggi – are picking up the torch with Albagia, a sleek prêt-a-porter brand they founded with CEO Angela Stanzione

Albagia Fall/Winter 2019Photos: Courtesy of PR.

Like Ferré, both Citron and Piaggi have backgrounds in architecture and industrial design, respectively. On Wednesday, in a presentation of looks inspired by the sculpted shoulder pads of model Grace Jones, the two decided to make their own unique mark on the Milan fashion scene. 


NOWFASHION chatted with Stefano Citron and CEO Angela Stanzione about their strategy and how Ferré’s legacy lives on:  


Where did you get the idea to create the Albagia?


SC: Angela was looking for a certain elegance that she thought was missing in the fashion market... Especially strong silhouettes like the ones in the 80s. 


How did working at Gianfranco Ferré impact you as a designer


SC: Working for a long time and very closely with Ferré gave us a unique approach to designing, which was very clean, almost architectural. 

Albagia Fall/Winter 2019Photos: Courtesy of PR.

Who are the investors involved in this business? 


AS: Firstly, my husband, who fully supports me, financially and emotionally. Then, of course, our clients came right after that. 


What are your plans for the company?


AS: We want to move forward, and we are planning on staging a runway show next season.


I saw a lot of menswear influences in the collection... How does menswear translate into this brand? 


AS: Today’s woman is strong and needs polished, upscale power dressing to stand out, hence the menswear influences. 


What about your retail price range and demographic?


SC: Our target is 30-40-year-old women. The price point is medium high because of the use of the high-quality materials, from the duchesse satin to the silk... all from the best textile makers in Italy.

Are there any plans to move towards sustainability? 


SC: Of course. Sustainability is an important matter that nowadays affects the fashion industry. Our collection is still small, but it’s something we plan on doing in the future as it gets bigger. 


Albagia Fall/Winter 2019Photos: Courtesy of PR.

You and Federico were the last designers to create a runway collection at Ferré. How did you feel designing his latest collection?

SC: We weren’t expecting it to be the last; it was almost unexpected for us.