Francesco Scognamiglio Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 Milan
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Francesco Scognamiglio Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 Milan

Francesco Scognamiglio's fall winter 2015/16 woman just might break your heart and stomp on it with her killer stiletto heel.

Set in the decaying Milanese Royal Palace's Sala delle Cariatidi, where beheaded Roman busts overlooked this proverbial hopeless romance, Scognamiglio unfurled a collection that seriously blurred the line between sleepwear and ready-to-wear. Evening gowns were suitable for under the sheets and lingerie posed under the guise of cocktail attire.

A series of powder-puff-pink, lilac and winter wonderland white silk numbers — some floor-length lingerie gowns trimmed with lace and others long-sleeved, diaphanous and dreamy — were adorned with padded polka dots and delicate crystal embroidery.

Crafted with luxuriously romantic silks and lace, Scognamiglio's collection is a tribute to Italy's textile tradition and the best Lake Como's silk heartland has to offer.

There were nostalgic references to the 1800s: satin cuissard lace-up, peep-toe boots and daring strappy-sandal heels were crafted for a "delicate yet powerful woman," Scognamiglio said. Black leather roses, splashed on bare-all silk dresses in vain, were inspired by 19th century printed silk twill fabrics.

Maxi coats and black astrakhan robes offered warmth for the outdoors, but still fed the image of intimate circumstances and chaise lounging with a dirty martini in one's hand.

Feminine, delicate and sleek indeed, the Scognamiglio collection is perfect for a woman who knows what she wants, and when she realizes who and what she doesn't want anymore, she offers no apologies. Sorry, boys.