Giamba Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Milan

Leave it to Giambattista Valli to suss out an elegant and unexpected new location in Milan to show the debut collection of his contemporary Giamba line. As rain began to fall outside the bay windows of the Palazzina Liberty, the designer sent out a line up of fresh faces models in polka dot tights and crystal heeled sandals, to walk along a pristine white-shag carpet, framed elegantly by the venue's sculpted stone pillars. 

For anyone who has loved from afar Valli's feminine and romantic signature collection, this was a happy day indeed. His lush aesthetic has finally trickled down into a more approachable price point, one where   youthful vitality could be felt in every baby doll dress and dark denim ensemble. 

Since Valli took the leap to start his own fashion label ten years ago  he has often been faulted by critics that his beautiful designs were weighed down by his abundant love of embellishments and decorative flourishes. Gorgeous yes- just not always adaptable for the real world.  

With this Giamba collection, the designer finally looks to have found the perfect juxtaposition between romantic decorative adornment and functionality. His slight 60s inspired clothes: the white peasant blouses featuring ruffles and eyelet lace, the eye catching peacock feather motif lace dresses, the practical flower printed nylon jackets and the embossed blooms on shimmering metallic Jacquard outfits all looks like they could walk right of the catwalk and onto the city streets. 

Some of the models might have been wearing round rose colored glasses, but with this collection Valli showed that he has a crystal clear vision of where he wants to take this nascent fashion line. 


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