Ground Zero Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2013 Paris

For a brand in a perpetual cycle of new beginnings, Ground Zero is starting to tread on some pretty bizarre ground. Brothers Eri and Philip Shu love experimenting with prints and clothes, but sometimes, the results aren't as great as expected.

Transformers, robots and androids provided their mechanical angles and photogenic angles to prints for an initial group of shift dresses.

The spring/summer 2013 collection started to show promise, with a lovely tailored suit in white satin and with the robotic print accenting the arms and hips. The proportion were spot on, the balance was great. The next look paired a top with open seams flashing skin with every step, with a printed skirt. It was desirable, elegant and sparked interest.

And then all of a sudden, a glitch appeared and everything went haywire. The next look was a geeky t-shirt with a ruffled cape attached to the shoulders. It was brutal. The lace dresses looked like a homemade cross between DIY and a weird remix of Uniqlo's Disney franchise. The Frankenstein looks kept coming, robotized Bambi, closures, belts, and flowing tulle. It was busy and didn't really work, and after a final hiccup of a lipstick embroidered shirt with satin cropped slacks, it was back to strange mixes.

It is obvious that the pair wanted to put forward a narrative between the human and the robot females, as part of their lab of the season, but not every test tube dress needs to be put on the runway. Let's home that in this war of the worlds, the elegant women will prevail over the android fashionistas.

- Lily Templeton