Guru Jagat: “Clothing is a living altar to the modern woman”

What do spirituality and fashion have in common? Much more than you think.

Guru Jagat, a Los Angeles-based poet, artist, yogi, entrepreneur, meditator, and author, has decided to explore the realms of fashion in a sustainable, ethical, and most of all, spiritual way – and chose Paris to do so. Partnering with Le Paradox, a sustainable showroom and ethical communication platform run by the young Italian entrepreneur Cecilia Musmeci, Jagat showcased her very first collection during Paris Haute Couture and unveiled her ethereal, almost metaphysical take on hand-made fashion designs. We chatted with Guru Jagat to find out more about how she wishes to position herself in the fashion industry, and how her life philosophy impacts her creations.

Guru Jagat. Photo: Eve Bregman / Courtesy of PR.

What does Haute Couture mean to you as a Guru and designer, and why did you decide to launch your first collection during the Couture season in Paris?

Guru Jagat: Haute Couture is historically a debut season for clothing that has been constructed by hand. The Guru Jagat Collection is slow fashion, hand-sewn by women in Los Angeles, with time-consuming attention to detail. So, Haute Couture is categorically the most fit time to launch. Further, Haute Couture is an unveiling of innovations in fashion and a stage for the avant-garde. The Guru Jagat Collection is forward facing; fashion as technology and clothing as a living altar to the modern woman, yogi, trailblazer, mother, lover, leader, queen. The designs are inspired by sound and drape the body in exaltation and aerodynamicity.

Can you tell us more about your life philosophy and how it is linked to fashion?

There are many intersections of spirituality and fashion – one of which has fascinated me forever – the vibrational and tangible shift of a human’s aura when wearing clothing that fits well, has vision, and prompts a certain dignity of the wearer. Secondly the order of one’s mind is closely related to the order of how someone dresses themselves, moves through time and space, and constructs external environments. I have, since I was a child, changed my clothing multiple times a day to clear energy and move into a new phase of the day, express certain dynamic creative impulses, and opened a new way of thinking. The collection is cut and created with lines to make the wearer feel as noble and as breath-taking as she truly is; the clothing is an homage and offering to unique and uncompromised beauty.

Le Paradox for Guru Jagat Fall/Winter 2019 Haute Couture presentation in Paris. Photo by Amandine Hui Boissy for NOWFASHION.

What are the key pieces of your collection, and what inspired you when you created them? 

The Guru Jagat Collection consists of eight unique couture designs: Cleopatra’s Kimono, Kyoto Blooming, Jedi Jumpsuit, Modern Millennium, Practical Magic, Hummingbird, Venus Shell, and Femmeboss. During the creation process of this collection, I pulled from a vast ocean of inspiration; from the music of Missy Elliot to the fashion of Yohji Yamamoto. The envisioning of the line also took to heart the words of Yogi Bhajan, my teacher, who noted that the society which does not respect women is doomed. I think we are seeing that on the planet very clearly right now. These eight pieces are an offering that bring a harmonic resonance to the femme body, and thus her surroundings, home, and the world.

What does your production process look like? Where do you source your fabrics from, and where do you produce your clothes? 

Every step in the production process for the Guru Jagat Collection has been considered intentionally. The fabrics are ecologically sourced, and each piece is hand-crafted start to finish by women in Los Angeles. The clothing in the Guru Jagat Collection has been created in a “slow fashion” process, with the consideration of the gem that is the earth we live on.

Le Paradox for Guru Jagat Fall/Winter 2019 Haute Couture presentation in Paris. Photo by Amandine Hui Boissy for NOWFASHION.

What does sustainability mean to you, and how is your sustainable approach translated into clothing? 

I’m somewhat ever-mindful of the imprint a life leaves on the planet earth. Sustainability means living and creating in a way that regenerates, energetically as well as environmentally, rather than in a way that brings more chaos.

Why is it that we should link spirituality and fashion? How much does this bond mean to you and why?

Fashion and spirituality have always been intertwined. Masters of every lineage have considered their dress throughout the ages because the lines in one’s clothing have an effect on your psycho-magnetic field. The Tibetan name for this clothing-energy phenomena is called drala. It’s a science of dressing and using clothing to have a singular experience. The Guru Jagat Collection uses this science and treats clothing as a technology for the wearer’s upmost infinite expression.

Le Paradox for Guru Jagat Fall/Winter 2019 Haute Couture presentation in Paris. Photo by Amandine Hui Boissy for NOWFASHION.

If you could give one precious piece of advice to fashion designers and fashion consumers today, what would it be?

Fashion must continue to innovate and push beyond vapid-ness to another wonderland of incredible artistic expression where the clothing itself begins to prophesy a future of a thriving, caring, sustainable, and creative civilization on planet earth.