Gustavo Lins Menswear Fall Winter 2011 Paris

A strong collection with a clear line of thought throughout, Gustavo Lins, who began his own line of clothing in 2003, is one of the independent Paris based designers worth checking.

His training in architecture is evident in this collection that's extremely wearable. In the show notes Lins discussed his fascination with the kimono. Men should be delighted with the gentle masculinity and, frankly, quite cool range of looks that he has produced from this creative journey.

There is something in this collection for men of all ages and size, from the office environment to personal leisure or down-time because Gustavo Lins understands the dialogue between professional life and casual comfort: his clothes offer both. Besides the soft, high quality materials and cosy layering, another noted feature was the choice of colours. Greys, blacks, dark green and navy were wonderfully mixed, matched and accessorised by flashes of red on shoes, scarves or a leather hold-all.

This show brought about one of those welcomed moments in fashion where, by the time look three hit the catwalk, one felt confident and satisfied that the designer had really reached a harmony between all of his ideas.

Soundtrack: An electronic soundscape specially commissioned for the show.