Hogan Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Milan

Hogan, once widely known in Italy for its chunky rubber-soled platform sneakers that dressed a nation of harried upper class Italian moms, may have finally succeeded in shedding its yuppie frump reputation for more of a hot mamma status.

Hogan's management couldn't have picked a better spot to show off its new woman.  Set in Milan's Parco Solari, where hip, urban mothers and their kids fight Milan's swarms of mosquitoes on an after-school basis, Hoganunfurled a spring summer women's collection that was dominated largely by a sailor theme and drenched in shades of high-school pool blue.

Looks for day and night ran the gamut from sultry tank tops, Bohemian dresses with romantic sleeves and crisscross accents to killer platform strappy sandals. Blazers played a major role - crafted with jersey in gray or black-and-white stripes. Spring rain coats also made a splash; the brand opted for more shocking shades of electric blue and shimmering gold.

Accessories were oversized and featured jazzy chain accented totes - large enough to double as weekend getaway luggage or an incognito diaper bag. 

Indeed Hogan experienced even more of a rebirth this season whilst catering to a younger more fit generation of cool moms, who go to the gym, enjoy aperitivi and listen to alternative rock bands like Beck, which was playing during the show.

We didn't see anything groundbreakingly new or jaw-dropping here, but the brand succeeded in speaking, in addition to hot moms,  to a younger demographic as well -- a move that will certainly expand their brand visibility on a global level.