Human Tents & Hi-Tech at Craig Green

It’s hardly surprising to know that two of London menswear’s most exciting names right now are already recipients of British Fashion Awards: Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, who showed last night to brilliant and terrifying effect, for Emerging Talent; and Craig Green, two-time winner of British Menswear Designer of the Year and the mind behind today’s polished yet suitably conceptual outing – which saw human tents and hi-tech utility combine for a graceful and wearable collection that underlined just why Green, a Central Saint Martins alum, is doing so well. He gets that illustrious “it,” that dual concept and commerciality, and he renders it just so. 

Craig Green FW18 menswear show in London. Picture by Guillaume Roujas.

“It’s kind of that idea of when you’re young and you don’t know what things are made from,” the designer began to explain, gently flustered by lack of sleep, backstage. “Everything is much more freeing because you don’t know things.” And to this end, yes, there was a wonderful naivety but executed in that signature sleek, serene, and controlled way that Green has made his own. 

Craig Green FW18 menswear show in London. Picture by Guillaume Roujas.

So in and among white shirts that took their cues from T-shirt designs, trousers with pocket panels winding down them as cutouts, jumpers knitted to contour harness styles, there came wooden constructions, outdoorsy in feel for said “human tents,” as Green described, or those riffing on a jet ski. “It’s a bit erratic,” he said. Which in some ways is an odd descriptor for Green who, if anything, is more distinguished than erratic, even managing to make the most adventurous and daring of menswear ideas accessible in his pragmatic design approach. 

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