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RENZO ROSSO - by Francesca Manuzzi “After impoverishing the planet, we are understanding the importance of being healthy”

Renzo Rosso photographed by Martin Schoeller. Credit: Courtesy of MFFashion.

He saved the land of the Diesel farm from a destiny which intended it to be covered in concrete. He’s a partner in EcorNaturaSì with Red circle investments, his family’s investment company. The Bistrot Glorious café in Milan, conceived by Diesel with Autogrill, uses only flours purchased from the mill in Voghera. He’s a philanthropist and an innovator, when it comes to both fashion and food. The- se are the features of a new Renzo Rosso who, as well as having written part of the history of Italian fashion, is investing in the food segment. The top man of Otb-Only the brave talks in this interview about his superpowers for the future, healthy eating and his obsession with getting the world to live a better life. 

You have lots of projects that revolve around the world of fashion... Why food? 

I’m becoming increasingly convinced that this is the area of greatest interest for the future. After impoverishing, polluting and ruining our planet, we’re under- standing the importance of being healthy. All my life, I’ve tried to make people look good on the outside. As the years have gone by and I’ve grown older, I’ve realised the importance of what’s on the inside. After all, we are what we eat. H-farm and Diesel farm. Which gives you most satisfaction? 

H-farm is an incubator for digital start-ups which focus on the needs of the consumer of the future. Diesel farm is a personal project for a return to the land, something which gives me a huge amount of satisfaction. We make wine and oil, grow very high-quality vegetables and farm free-grazing livestock. 

Is Diesel farm also a way to talk about the place you come from? 

The first time I invited an important oenologist to visit the property, I discovered things that not even I knew. The position of its hills is right where the air currents cross, creating a unique microclimate. This, along with the use of advanced techniques, guarantees inimitable products. At your headquarters in Breganze, you have three thousand plants, and you only transplant them when the moon is in Virgo... I really believe in the influence of the position of the planets on nature, particularly the moon. Biodynamic agriculture sees the earth as part of the universe, subject to cosmic laws and influences. This is why it bases production on the seasons. In Italy, there are still farmers who sow, prune and transplant according to the moon’s movements. 

Diesel RED TAG Project Spring/Summer 2019 presentation in Milan. Photo by Guillaume Roujas for NOWFASHION.

How often does the world change, from your point of view? 

In the past, we talked about decades. Now we talk about almost seasonal changes, partly thanks to the speed imprinted on everything by social media. The way we interact and shop has changed. Much more attention in paid to service. 

Is that what stimulates you? 

Positivity. Change. The desire to do something useful for new consumers and for the needs of the modern world. 

What is your obsession for the future? 

Living better and contributing so that others can live a better life are my positive obsessions. The negative ones are hyper-production and the industrialisation that are causing disasters. Being healthy is becoming an increasing luxury, reserved only to those who can afford it. 

Will we be travelling to the moon for dinner in twenty years’ time? 

We’ll be eating more or less the same foods, hoping that we’ve succeeded in converting industrial production to natural methods as much as possible. To stay healthy and have less impact on the public health service. This will be our aim, our moon.

By Francesca Manuzzi - MFF Magazine for Fashion
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