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TOMMY HILFIGER - by Angelo Ruggeri “We want to lead the democratisation of fashion, linking up live with the public”

Tommy Hilfiger photographed by Craig McDean. Credit: Courtesy of MFFashion.

Fashion on the street. And ever-closer to the consumer. This is the strategy implemented by Tommy Hilfiger. The American brand has opened the doors of its world to the public, with special events, deluxe collections available for purchase immediately after the show, and shops that become evolved emotional experiences. “In the future, we’re going to continue pursuing our leadership role in the democratisation of fashion with technologies and collections that are increasingly surprising”, explains the designer and founder of the homonymous brand in this interview. 

Your brand is an excellent example of how to talk directly to the public, involving consumers with special events and taking the brand out onto the streets. How are you working to achieve this aim and why has the road become so important today? 

Consumer expectations and shopping habits are changing all the time. Day after day, clients want immediate gratification and they shop for involving and stimulating emotional experiences. The TommyNow project is the finest expression of my brand’s philosophy. Whether our consumers experience the event in person or take part in live streaming, we have created a platform which democratises fashion and links up live with our fans all over the world... 

Your fashion is for everyone today, so... 

My vision has always been to create accessible luxury for our consumers. I like to see how our clients, all over the world, add their own personal touch to our projects. Our global lifestyle brand has been built with an inclusive spirit and a democratic philosophy. I am very proud of the way we are today. 

How does the brand connect with its end customers? 

At the moment, we are experiencing incredible brand momentum. With our TommyNow, the fantastic partnerships with celebrities (such as Gigi Hadid, ed’s note) and new collections every season, we are finding new ways to connect with the up and coming generations all the time. 

Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger at the end of his Fall/Winter 2018 men's and women's show in Milan. Photo by Guillaume Roujas for NOWFASHION.

Is the TommyNow format working? 

Yes. Every season, our see now-buy now project continues to evolve and exceed our expectations. We presented our fall-winter 2017/18 collections, menswear and womenswear together for the first time. There was such an energetic atmosphere, enhanced by the performance by The Chainsmokers. 

How important are social media for your brand? 

They’ve brought us closer than ever before to our clients and they enable us to connect with them every day. They also offer our clients a fantastic personal styling experience with our chat-chat Tmy.Grl and Tmy.Boy. But everything’s already changing again. 

What do think are going to be the main challenges in the next few years? 

The challenge is the rate at which the business changes, faster now than ever before. While the fashion industry keeps evolving, digital innovation is the key to stay connected with and important to our fans and to reach new markets. Our TommyNow platform acts as an incubator for innovation, where we try out new technologies and create brand experiences. In the future, we’re going to continue pursuing our leadership role in the democratisation of fashion with technologies and collections that are increasingly surprising. And we’re going to take TommyNow on tour, to new cities all over the world. Like I always say, the best is yet to come!

By Angelo Ruggeri - MFF Magazine for Fashion
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