Jean Paul Gaultier Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

Take it off. Take it all off.

Designer Jean Paul Gaultier is stripping back next winter and the fashion world got to see the many layers of his public déshabillage at a strip show presentation he held at his Parisian headquarters.
Gaultier placed his male models inside a row of neon light boxes, lit too look like the windows in a red light district. Then one by one they (rather uncomfortably) stepped forward into a spotlight to awkwardly take-off the thin layers of clothing the designer had stacked on their bodies.
On paper it must have seemed like the perfect way to display how the designer had reworked his hallmark designs so that, like a jigsaw, the pieces worked together to create a total look.  How else could the audience appreciate the tricky way Gaultier built a kilt skirt onto a semicircle mental frame so that it wrapped the models hips and could easily be stripped off. Or what about how he paired a single side of a perfecto leather jacket onto a classic coat? And then there were the tiers of crop tops (often worn with elbow length gloves) and a man’s suit which revealed itself to be an all-in-one garment.  
It was a shame that only a few could enjoy all of these details, as the badly arranged presentation was on the same level as the crowd in the main hall, making it almost impossible for anyone but the photographers in the front row to see the collection. A few determined fashion journalist talked their way on to the balcony, thus getting a bird’s eye view of the presentation.  But for many this collection really was just a peep show.

- Jessica Michault