Jean Paul Gaultier Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2014 Paris

When designer Jean Paul Gaultier decides to leave his headquarters after years of showing his ready-to-wear collection in the same location, you can bet that the new place was going to be out of this world. In fact, this season Gaultier’s whole collection was one galactic romp.

Showing in a trippy time warp futuristic space, that is home to France’s Communist party but gets its unique look thanks to architect Oscar Niemeyer, the designer decided to put Punks in space. An interesting proposition if ever there was one.

The whole spectacle centered on the idea of different families of chic space travelers boarding a rocket ship bound for planet fashion. And in true Gaultier form, the designer outfitted male and female models both young and old, in every shade of skin, flaunting outfits featuring the Union Jack, lots of silver lame and twinkling star embellished tulle overlays.

But no space age show from Gaultier can be discussed without mentioning the designer’s stellar costumes for the cult Sci-fi film The Fifth Element (a must view for any die hard fashionista). It was a reference point the designer himself reinforced by playing the film’s iconic “The Diva Dance” song during the presentation.  And it was easy to imagine the show’s cool leather jackets and sweaters with exaggerated rounded shoulders outlined in zippers, a quilted cosmonaut suit and a shimmering silver trench coat being the perfect wardrobe options if there is ever a sequel.

With the first civilians starting to purchase tickets to fly in outer space, maybe Gaultier’s sartorial propositions aren’t so far fetched after all.