John Lawrence Sullivan Menswear Spring Summer 2013 Paris

Write this name down: Arashi Yanagawa. Now learn how to pronounce it because this is a menswear designer worth talking about. Over the past few season’s Yanagawa has slowly but surely been building a name (and a following) for his label called John Lawrence Sullivan. The triple threat moniker is that of a famous American boxer from the 19th century and is a not so sublet reference to the designer’s past as a professional boxer.

Luckily Yanagawa put down his gloves and picked up a sketch book to become an autodidact designer. This season he showed a strong collection that focused on the power of primary colors and geometric patterns to create a look that had a slight 1980s slant. The construction of the clothing was cut for a slim silhouette with the high waisted pleat fronted pant once again rearing its head, this time paired with perfecto jackets-sans sleeves. Knitwear came designed with an abstract pattern that brought to mind the arcade game Space Invaders  but, if the show notes are to be believe, were probably inspired by the early twentieth century Germany fine arts school of design known as Bauhaus. The designer proffered up an interesting new jacket shape that looked like a hybrid of a waiter’s jacket and a double breasted blazer and his fly away coats in a glistening “wet” fabric were both futuristic and fun.

If this collection wasn’t as complex in its designs as past seasons, Yanagawa still produced a show with a clear direction and a style all its own.

-Jessica Michault

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