Just Cavalli Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2013 Milan
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Just Cavalli Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2013 Milan

The Just Cavalli collection is visiting the Mediterranean next Summer. But this show wasn’t about the beach, or even focused on the cool blue waves lapping the hot summer sand- designer Roberto Cavalli went deeper. Rather than skimming the water’s edge, he delved down into the depths of the ocean to explore a world of colorful iridescent sea creatures and undulating marine vegetation.

The connection to the ocean was a hard one to see at the beginning of the show, as the collection was dominated with distressed denim, billowing leopard patterned designs, and pink bougainvillea prints. A series of pristine white chiffon pieces covered in blue majolica designs that played with transparency had a breezy sea side charm. 

It was the short fluid silk dresses covered with a jellyfish print or other multi colored patterns, which suggested amphibious animals that science has yet to discover, that felt the closest to the Cavalli aesthetic. The knitwear was cleverly designed; finely spun with strategically placed cut outs that - from a distance - brought to mind a fish skeleton.

There was one knock out green sweater that came covered in shimmering gold scales that left the audience wishing the designer had developed that particular embellishment further. But overall this show will swim easily along with the tides of next Summer’s trends.

- Jessica Michault