Kormakur & Skjoldur Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 Reykjavik
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Kormakur & Skjoldur Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 Reykjavik

Iceland has not only scary trolls and fairy tales, but also very attractive rough looking men. Or at least, this is what Kormákur & Skjöldur suggested for their Fall Winter 2012 show, when putting on stage local all-stars looking like lumberjack men sporting the finest tailored suits on twisted piano music.

Head-designer Guðmundi Jörundssyni provided a threatening and virile scenery coming straight out of a slaughter house, in order to introduce his fourth collection for Kormákur & Skjöldur – a name that pays homage to Kormákur Geirharðsson and Skjöldur Sigurjónsson, founder of the Reykjavik based menswear store Kormáks & Skjaldar and of the eponym menswear brand.

“I've had a testosterone obsession for a few years now. This is probably the most macho I can get”, states the young designer when asked why his menswear collection was so exaggerated manly. “Dress their flesh” is the title of Jörundssyni's Fall 2012 collection for the Icelandic menswear brand. And fleshy it was, with slaughter pigs and bits of meat that served as runway decoration. Elaborate walking sticks, laced leather hand-pieces and especially rusty brown leather vests that suggested butcher aprons offered a twisted take on traditional tailoring, while leather detailing on front and back yokes, as well as two-tone jackets and shirts, added some sporty attitude to the roaring twenties chic. Color-wise, the designer opted for classic shades, such as light gray, rusty brown, as well as mustard and all the while chose to mingle blue denim with classic tweed wools.

As a matter of fact, the press even had the privilege to get a calendar from Kormáks & Skjaldar that features Iceland's most stylish golden age dandies. We love it!

-Elisabeta Tudor