L’Eclaireur launches a signature menswear line
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L’Eclaireur launches a signature menswear line

L’Eclaireur, the highly regarded multi brand luxury clothing store chain in France, has just debuted its first menswear collection. 

The seasonless line is the brainchild of the company’s founder Armand Hadida who said he decided to create the label at the behest of his customers. “This is a collection of timeless menswear pieces that bring a breath of fresh air into our selection,” said Hadida to French reporters. 

It’s a smart first foray into “in house” fashion design for the company. 
Considering that the luxury menswear market has been growing by leaps and bounds compared to womenswear. And with seven stores in Paris alone, the line already has a built in platform from which to entice the shop’s devoted clientele. A new offering that, with their dark palette and urban sophisticated style, is practically tailor-made to the store’s customer base. 

The line has also incorporated pieces that the brand created in collaboration with fashion label’s that the store currently carries. Leading and up-and-coming menswear brands such as Drome, Undercover, Roland Chaillard, and Officine Creative all crafted garments for the collection. But the lineup is not limited to clothing. Small leather goods, jewelry and other objects that Hadida think fit in with the esthetic of the new label (such as a backgammon game) are also part of the line’s offerings. 

The new L’Eclaireur menswear collection is already available on the store’s e-commerce site and in its Parisian brick and mortar stores.