Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring Summer 2014 Paris
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Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring Summer 2014 Paris

With world traveler David Beckham taking in the show alongside Louis Vuitton’s charismatic Chairman and CEO Michael Burke, the brand’s menswear designer Kim Jones took the house on a trip across the United States. There the LV man lives a bi-coastal life. He enjoys the odd road trip to reconnect with nature and embrace the freedom of a never ending open road and all the adventures that come with it.

With an infections REM soundtrack to back him up, Jones’s journey started on the East Coast where the buttoned-up sophisticated style of a college bound preppy destined for the Ivy Leagues was bought to life via sharp varsity jackets - that lettered in elegance - some fantastic and energetic checked suit options and a pair of white and blue jackets that were a clever update on the idea of a frat boy blazer. Then smash cut to the West Coast with two back to back oversized tops cut from a bandana print (those should sell like hot cakes next summer) which came paired with classic shorts. This quickly moved onto some luxe casual pieces that Californian’s excel at pulling off.  Highlights included blouson jackets cut from python or crocodile and a series of tie dye pieces in rich blues and reds that looked more like cool marble then haute hippy. Even the badge covered khaki “boy scout” coats were charming. The designer finished off his collection with a group of geeky chic evening wear which had the silver shoed models dressed in beautifully tailored raw kimono silk or jacquard suits. Ensembles that were skillfully finished off with atypical faux flower corsages of thistle, dandelion or forget-me-not, that had actually been crafted out of feathers.

An expert traveler himself, Jones did not overlook the importance of having great gear to help get you there. His roomy perforated totes, duffle bags and backpack come weekender luggage all looked like the were just as much about functionality as they were about form. As for the metallic shades, slim bandana scarves and retro “seat belt buckle’ belts, well those just finished off this collection to perfection.

-  Jessica Michault