Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring Summer 2016 Paris
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Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring Summer 2016 Paris

Well that does it then. The Spring/Summer 2016 menswear season will go down in history as the era of the silk souvenir jacket. Already the vacation-scented garment was gaining traction in Milan but now that both Louis Vuitton and Valentino have given their benediction, the jacket has become hands down the new key piece to invest in. 

The arrival of the jacket on the Louis Vuitton catwalk, along with other silk-embroidered tops and shorts, marked a real shift at the luxury house towards wooing a more youthful and experimental customer. This change in perspective was also apparent in how the Serres du Parc André Citroën show space had been transformed into a steaming hot (literally) modern night club that rocked to the disco funk mix of the one and only Nile Rodgers. 

In that "groove to the music" environment designer Kim Jones - himself an expert globetrotter - used the souvenir jacket as the linchpin of his sartorial argument, one based on the hypothesis that some fashions are just always going to be universally appealing. 

It's true that the souvenir jacket is popular across the four corners of the globe. The staple looked particularly badass when paired with a silk scarf inked with the words Louis Vuitton, wound tight around the neck like some elaborate gang tatt. 

But it wasn't the only item on the catwalk that will speak to the world's affluent youth that Jones is courting this season. Equally appealing were the glossy dark silk-blend denim numbers, the feather light organza tops with bonded-leather taped seams and the textural red, white and blue tunics with raised embroidery evoking the Vuitton logo. 

So strong were the eye-catching crane, panther and lemur monkey motif silk designs that Jones’s other offerings paled slightly in comparison. But no matter where the Louis Vuitton customer may reside, he is sure to find something that will speak to him – and his closet – in this collection.