Louis Vuitton Ready To Wear Cruise 2014 Paris
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Louis Vuitton Ready To Wear Cruise 2014 Paris

As Marc Jacobs' right hand woman at Louis Vuitton, Julie de Libran seems to have not only inherited in her very DNA that French je ne sais quoi everyone keeps talking about, but also the ability to spin out a collection that embodies this feeling down to the last strand of mussed up, Lou Doillon-esque bed hair. And while she's tapped into the everlasting font of Parisian mood of her 2014 resort at Louis Vuitton, her upbringing on the West Coast provided her with a host of quintessentially cool, laid-back twists that impart a cool vibe.

Presented in a setting that doesn't look like a far stretch from the interior of a serious fashion person, in the heart of the Louis Vuitton headquarters, the collection offered plenty of luxurious detailing to move the meter from indolent to chic. Artfully arranged books, shelves to display shoes like arty knickknacks, there was even the small version of the Sofia bag, its diminutive stature demure in icy blue, placed in lieu of an ornament.

As for the garments themselves, they telegraphed the nonchalant elegance of Paris gone to the Croisette. Denim, that all-American favorite, was cut in an impeccably French double-breasted denim suit with white buttons; a dress of nubbly tweed with yellow trim would look equally in place at a tailgate party in California or a chic Provence wedding. 

Opulence is never far, even when one loves a good chambray dress, why not a Breton stripe top recreated in a fur incarnation that says lavish more than laid back. A taupe belted cape paired with quasi-bell bottoms trousers pushed the envelope for effortless luxury, as did an elegantly patchwork evening dress. Where de Libran has really captured the spirit of timeless easy-living was in the sweet gingham pieces or the leather perfecto and shorts combo that would go perfectly with those lovely clogs. The original idea may have been channeling 70s beauties, but from this ensemble, one gets a sense that whatever the occasion, de Libran's flawless narrative can accommodate for an extra chapter or two.

- Lily Templeton