Maison Margiela Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Paris

This season, the Maision Margiela brand toned down its quirky tendencies, played up the classic man/woman mélange concept, and produced a line up of clothing that, compared to  collections in the recent past, will not linger long in the mind.

Familiar ideas of nude body suit bases blended into garments, cut from men’s suiting, or asymmetrical flower printed fabrics, made up most of the first half of the show. The suiting and the florals came together on a fly away trench coat or jackets tied at the waist with a ribbon.

More playful was the idea of hand painting blooms on top of flower print skirts and the show’s wide sunglasses. Also winning was one brown leather knee-length coat. It too was adorned with child-like painted on daisies. But more then likely this will be a “one of” show piece that will never make it into production.

What should be produced en masse was the lovely, long, gray cross-body coat, and the slim dresses and skirts crafted out of what looked like vintage Japanese fabrics. And a pair of boyfriend jeans, with the pockets on the rear sewn on backwards, was both whimsical and wearable.

Maison Margiela S/S 2015. Daria Shapovalova at Paris Fashion Week from NOWFASHION on Vimeo.


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