MAISON the FAUX Spring Summer 2015 Amsterdam | VODAFONE Firsts Fashion LAB

During the closing night of the Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB Pro, Dutch fashion house MAISON the FAUX delivered what is safe to call the most spectacular and entertaining show of this 21st edition of Amsterdam Fashion week.

MAISON the FAUX is known for creating eye-catching decors, and once again lived up to expectations. As opposed to a boring, traditional runway, a miniature garden was created, with a pond in the middle and various paths for the models to walk through. Two handsome gardeners in dungarees were busy watering the plants and caring for the flowers while the audience was seated.

Three female a cappella singers, completely naked (except for nude colored thongs) and drenched in colored paint, provided the background vocals during the show.

A bizarre array of vocals which varied from loud screaming to softer humming and ended with an a cappella version of Rihanna's 'Diamonds.'

The show was an absurd presentation, some might use the word hysterical, but at least effort had been put into the presentation and creating a lasting impression. One could refer to it as 'controlled chaos.'

Men wearing bikini tops, tree branches strapped to shoulders, loose strips of fabric strung together, men in speedo's, and big bold accessories made out of what looked to be whatever the designers could get their hands on the fastest. This probably was the overall first impression of most people present. But more than just this, MAISON the FAUX wanted to make a statement with their collection and performance. In the performance around the collection titled 'Make a U-turn if possible' two opposites were placed in front of each other: the longing for spiritual depth opposed to the extreme superficiality of the "smartphone generation." Questioning everybody who uses a digital app on their smartphone to guide them on the path to self fulfillment and inner peace, the show provided a sarcastic wink to this kind of superficial depth.

The collection mixed practical, constructed outdoor wear with references to delicate lingerie. Fragile nightgowns, bra's and underwear, combined with wind jackets and zip-off pants in a color pallet of soft nudes, contrasting with bright colors.

The brand MAISON the FAUX is an affectionate reaction to the current fashion industry and a big faux wink in the direction of an audience, who feels liberated enough to move freely through a world which constantly forces us to think narrow-mindedly. 'The Fictional House' (which MAISON the FAUX roughly translates into) founded itself based on a great sense of humor and self-mockery, combined with a deep and mutual love for fashion.