Marc by Marc Jacobs Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 New York

So you say you want a revolution? Well designers Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier have just the collection for you.

To iconic anthems promoting rebellion such as "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy, "I Fought The Law" by The Clash and "Children of the Revolution" by T. Rex, that rattled the ribcages with their oppressively loud base, the designer duo produced a collection intent on making a bold statement.

Sometimes those statements were literal in nature. As the designers incorporated incendiary block letter words like “solidarity,” “unite,” and "choice" as patches placed along pant legs, sleeves or down one half of a shirt. A stylistic choice reminiscent of one Raf Simons explored with his menswear collection not so long ago. Although his interpretation was more sentimental in nature.

On the Marc by Marc Jacobs catwalk there was little sentimentality to be found in all the beret-wearing models stalking down the runway in their spiky boots, "cris" utility belts and neckerchiefs. Although the designers did soften the youthful rebellion by crafting some of the collection in romantic William Morris leaf-patterned prints or cutting above-the-knee dresses in hourglass silhouettes, their skirts puffed out with crinoline. Giving the garments a feminine touch.

But as every woman knows, femininity is its own sort of power. Let's not forget that more than a few revolutions, not to mention wars, have been started in no small part thanks to its potency.