Marc Jacobs Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2011 New York
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Marc Jacobs Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2011 New York

Well I don’t know about you but I love an aggressive polkadot. But first, walking through a set that resembled a luxurious padded cell (a couture asylum? Can we go there?) every one of Marc Jacobs’ models walked with one direction tonight: fierce. As they marched, following a clear, broken road line (or a giant seam) at one point I thought one was going to cut me with her eyes, it was terrifying and exhilarating. This collection was both humourous and deadly, the models both adorable and as if they were coming to slay us all. Where some designers simply rest at clashing patterns, Jacobs confronted us with a surreal smash of opposing emotions, probably just to see what comes up.

To the clothes. Grey, loose, rubber latex capri pants opened with a white turtleneck topped by a round pill-box hat cocked to one-side. The make-up, grey eyes on alabaster skin with pretty cheeks, a kind of English rose caught in space, was flawless. From here on in the audience present at the show and the millions of fans who watched live online were treated to sixty-two looks. Maxi lace, giant paillettes, high heeled rubber galoshes, structured suits, fake reptilian skins cut as pencil skirts and, hello, is that Victoriana? Our eyes widened and eyebrows raised. There was an exchange between body conscious (hugging lace dresses) and body distortion with conch shell-like day suits.

All of this sounds glorously deranged but take a look at the images, it worked. Tonights Jacobs girl was less the awkward wallflower and more the the star in her own stylish sci-fi movie. The handbags and shoes delighted fans on the internet and it felt as if, one by one, lights on a world map began blinking as people  tweeted that ‘#MarcJacobs’ was trending in their region.

Did I mention the polkadots? Basically, take everything I just said and cover it all in big dots. Shiny patent ones on capes, sheer ones on tights, furry ones on collars, woollen ones popping out of cocktail suits and cotton ones woven into socks. Attack of the killer polkadots and oh what fun it was.

Soundtrack: Marilyn Manson, Beautiful People