Marc Jacobs Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 New York

Diamonds are a girl's best friend? Well, Marc's at least! There was definitely some pimp attitude in the air at Marc Jacobs' Fall 2012 show in New York. Glittery tops and skirts in fuchsia and bordeaux shades, curvy leather dresses, sparkling buckles on pilgrim shoes, as well as oversize fur hats – watch out for that chunky purple and yellow mink! – Form the central theme of a collection that was somewhere moving between a proper grandma's wardrobe and a Salt'n'Pepa gangster look. The challenge of playing with opposite influences, that's the Marc Jacobs we know and love.

Oversized wool stoles over double-breasted fitted fur coats and a ¾ length patchwork dress worn over cropped pants provided a somewhat grungy, heavily layered homeless chic look. While showy details and accessories, such as metallic pink pilgrim shoes, yellow shopper bags, catchy multicoloured hats and padded hips would set a girly and playful tone, paisley, brocade and jacquard prints, as well as chunky crochet knits would gently refer to an old Lady's first choice. 

Funnily enough, Jacobs successfully and subtly fused his overloaded silhouettes with Rachel Feinstein's serene and fragile set design. An added innocent touch, through a children's choir singing the musical Oliver! which set the tone of the show finale – Marc Jacobs definitely knows how to create ambiguous atmospheres. 

-Elisabeta Tudor