Masha Ma Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2013 Paris
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Masha Ma Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

London sensation Masha Ma is moving to Paris, said Cacharel’s Dawei Sun with gusto after his friend and former classmate’s show in the Palais de Tokyo.

There was less movement than before, thanks to an inspiration drawn from an icy winter garden, but that didn’t make the young designer’s collection any less beautiful, or powerful. To wit, terrific front zip dresses, an icy blue abstract print made a pair of slacks highly desirable, and utterly adoptable. The boxy shapes that she uses are more widespread, accentuating the sportswear vibe of a collection infused with London coolness. “I don’t want girls our age who want to be elegant to feel like they have to wear their grandmother’s Chanel jacket” Ma said, “so our fabrics and textures are very luxurious and elegant but at the same, I balanced it out with sportier cuts.” It was so well dosed that one could easily forget the strange looking row of sheep fleece fluttering on a couple of waists, in favor of admiration for the pure white sweater, hand knit threads artfully shredded to look like fresh puff.

Using the still novel 3D printing techniques – the very same used by Iris van Herpen – to create her first jewelry, realistic looking floral jewelry, complete with snow-frosted flowers, Ma shows that her expression runs the gamut of traditional and contemporary techniques.

The glittering Swarovski snowflakes she applied to clothes felt a little too easy and superfluous when compared to the craftsmanship displayed elsewhere in the collection. With the designer’s installation in Paris to pursue her creative work, there is the sensation that Paris is throwing down the gauntlet to assert its position as capital of fashion once more. With a voice like Ma’s girl, who is “not shouting for attention, but is never silent,” her vote is as clear as footsteps on fresh snow.

- Lily Templeton