Michael Kors Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2013 New York

Michael Kors will be the first to admit his fascination with gossip magazines and Hollywood celebrities. So it came as no surprise that, for spring, his sojourn took him to the West Coast. “Big city polish with SoCal optimism,” said Kors, referencing the city’s fabulous architecture, midcentury architects and iconic landmarks. “Neutra and Lautner, the Beverly Hills Hotel pool, Malibu and Palm Springs.”
But lest one begin to think this was going to be a show of jeans and t-shirts, think again. These are not beach clothes. “So many people live casual lives now—but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be fashionable,” said Kors. “It’s a global world today—whether you’re in Shanghai, Mexico or Toronto, it’s all about personality.”
Sunglasses, meanwhile, doubled as face shields. “It’s my take on seeing life through rose-colored glasses,” said Kors. Shine, in fact, was a big accent for the show: zippers, belts and bag metal accents all boasted shiny gold trim. The season’s emerging Mod movement was evident here as well in the form of bold colors and graphic bursts. From the girl-guy pair—clad in colorful striped sweaters—that opened the show, what followed was a procession of classic silhouettes reimagined with vibrancy: a striped sweater over pants that were khaki coming and bright red going; sleek ladylike structured coats, suits and dresses and swimsuits with a plethora of stripes. A fun print came in the form of a blue sky photo printed on pants.
The show’s sole quiet moments came in the finale trio of fluid gowns with glam cutouts. “It’s all about the ethos of yin and yang,” Kors offered. “I always design with the notion that these are clothes you’ll wear all the time.”

- Jim Shi