Michael Kors Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 New York

In the fashion world, Michael Kors is a designer that is as close to a sure thing as a girl could pretty much hope for. Each season, he selects a time and a place- and sometimes a muse- to inspire him, and then he proceeds to produce a collection of ensembles that unmistakably reference his starting points in a way that is both reliable and relatable.

What the challenge then is for Kors is to make all those evergreen wardrobe staples also feel  'of the now.' They must be timeless and yet also current. And this is where his latest collection fell a bit short of the mark.

Kors has always been a positive attitude, upbeat kind of guy. And what’s more optimistic for a spring/summer show than flowers. So the designer took this collection’s fascination with flora and proceeded to use every possible sartorial interpretation at his disposal to weave the blooms into his work. They showed up on the catwalk in the form of crisp white lace, thickly beaded embroidery, and as three- dimensional appliqué. It also sprouted out from knitwear, adorned leather belts and sandals and, of course, showed up as a myriad of floral patterned prints.

When Kors wasn’t working with blooms,  he was giving his classic silhouettes a hint of seafaring style. With a sailor’s yellow coat here, a Breton stripe cashmere sweater there, and some charming, high-cuffed “wade into the water” denim jeans.

He also showed his fair share of gingham (a growing trend this season),  proving that he still has his ear to the ground when it comes to being able to pick up on the latest fascinations of the fashion industry.

But as cheerful as all the shirtdresses, full skirts and crisp shirts were, they never generated quite enough heat to push this collection to full bloom.

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