Missoni Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2013 Milan
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Missoni Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2013 Milan

Angela Missoni went into the light with her spring/summer 2013 show. Not only was the collection an exploration in the refracted beauty of light (both natural and florescent), it also examined how to make knitwear feather light enough to let the body breath.

Missoni’s take was rather ingenious. She turned to an A-line shape to create both sporty baby doll and maxi dress knit pieces. Often the open weave of these designs would feature a number of complex geometric patterns that would come together harmoniously at the center of the outfits, thus underling the shows sartorial interpretation of refracted sunlight. The dégradé of colors used in this collection seemed to evoke the light of day and would ricochet that light in unusual ways.

Shaded prints which formed three-dimensional effects on shirts and dresses had a fractal understated beauty, and two outfits that used coin sized plastic sequins to create a textural echo to the underlying pattern, left the audience longing to see more.

It was wonderful to see Missoni back in the swing of things after a few seasons that felt like it was searching for a new direction. With this collection it looks like it has found one that is well lit.

- Jessica Michault