Moncler Gamme Rouge Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

It might have been drizzling a light rain on the Paris city streets but inside the Moncler Gamme Rouge show venue it was snowing. The creative director for the line, designer Giambattista Valli, has always had fun with the brand’s runway shows. But this time he really out did himself. Creating a mini fashion pick me up on the last day of the month long fashion marathon that had more than a few buyers and journalist flagging from fatigue before the show began.

Broken up into three vignettes Valli offered cute and quirky outerwear (for both men and women) dedicated to extremely cold climates where looking stylish is last on the list of things you are looking for in your attire. But in the world of Moncler, luxury is nothing if not a basic necessity.

First up the Eskimo inspired ensembles that had models in a variety of oversized coats that were a mix of fur, and fur patterned fabrics -  in snow leopard or seal - that blurred together so well it was hard to tell where a pelt ended and a print began. These were topped off with silver sleds as accessories, durable snow boots, and a few husky sled dogs thrown in for good measure.

Then came the explorers who rappelled down to the catwalk from a giant glacier at the back of the runway. These mountain climbers, their faces covered in a bit of frosty show bite, preferred more utilitarian puffy jackets with black harness strap details and the odd bit of lumberjack check tweed inserted into the design. Although a few of them didn’t seem notice that from time to time those red or white coats would actually be cut from astrakhan or tricked out in fluffy white fur.

Finally it was time for the most beautiful abominable “snowmen” -scratch that- “snowwomen” ever to be spotted on a mountain peek. Models, their faces shimmering with snow crystals (ok glitter) and their snowy white hair braided back against their heads, tried to blend into the background wearing mountain top motif coats, white knitwear or creamy coats embellished with fur or feathers. Although, with all of the silver crystal embellishments decorating a waistline or powdering the shoulders it would be hard not to miss them on the slopes.

When these same “snowwomen” returned for the finale, each of them arm in arm with a polar bear, well it had the audience smiling with delight at a show as pleasing to watch as the clothes will probably be to wear.

- Jessica Michault

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