Moncler Gamme Rouge Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 Paris

Tally-ho, fashion lovers, Moncler Gamme Rouge has got just the getup for you if you’re feeling like your equestrian riding gear needs a luxe update. Designer Giambattista Valli produced a horsey collection that focused on class rather than cowboys for the fall/winter 2015 season.

Down a foggy, fallen leaf-covered circuitous path, models meandered along wearing luxury equestrian helmets tricked out in furs, tweeds or even feathers. Each one a matchy-matchy accessory to the coats, or fitted short jackets and above-the-knee A-line skirts the “riders” wore.

If the idea was a bit one-note, Valli proved that within that small framework of a concept he could come up with at least 45 different twists on the initial notion. Showing quite a lot of covetable outerwear that superimposed noble fabrics like tweeds, mohair, shearling and furs with hardy high-tech materials. 

Also highly desirable were the chic and sweet transparent rain gear, which let the beauty of the underlying coat shine through. While it would be a shame if any of Moncler’s version of muck boots ever see the inside of a stable. They belong on the city streets, not the country farm.  Valli wasn’t horsing around with this show. The collection was strong and full of practical and pretty clothing options. 

When two lines of Queen’s Guards cavalry soldiers marched down the catwalk to signal the end of the show, the only disappointment that lingered in the mind was the wish that Valli could have somehow found a way to get an actual horse out onto the catwalk.

Now that would have made the last day of Paris Fashion Week truly unforgettable.