Moncler Gamme Rouge Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014 Paris

Looking for rubble in the jungle? Moncler has got you covered. Designer Giambattista Valli offered up a well-developed urban jungle theme in the collection he cooked up for the Moncler Gamme Rouge line.

The clothes in this collection were fit for stylist street warriors taking on the demands of the urban jungle. To do that Valli used sporty cuts and animal prints in winning combinations. Male and female models came kitted out with extra-large backpacks, and clothing that was slightly oversized in proportions for men and more fitted and embellished looks for the ladies.

The collection progressed through its use of color and print. First, came the sandy beige options with the men in board shorts and easy anoraks and the women in snake skin print coats embellished with feathers. Then Valli juxtaposed a graphic plaid print on the guys with a giraffe print on the gals, which had a natural symmetry to it. But the best of a very good show was yet to come.

That was when the designer did a fashion mash up of different big cat prints on shirts, jackets, sporty pants and some killer zip front dresses. Valli handed all the different patterns like a pro. Making them work to enhance, and give a certain elegance, to the straight forward athletic shapes.

This show might have ended with a bunch of guys in Gorilla suits skating out of the foggy mist, but what it really did was roar with modern relevance.