Moncler Gamme Rouge Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Paris

If Moncler Gamme Rouge has a natural ascendant on the sportswear stakes, that doesn't mean that they rest on laurels. Summer takes us to the seaside, for warm months spent active, resulting in sharply impactful silhouettes. Screens around the room displaying the crashing rolls of the surf heralded the arrival of silhouettes clearly inspired by the nautical world.

Chic wool variants of fisherman caps perched atop the head, the silhouettes made a definite play for activewear, something of an obsession, rather than a trend, given how many designers want women in sporty cuts come next year. Knots provided the inspiration for woven fabrics that played with sheerness, cut in easy shapes that speak of active elegance for the Moncler lifestyle. Consider strolling through the summer in these airy shifts, or in the smart jackets and shorts Valli envisioned for men. Prints dressed these looks in a touch of organic elegance. The brilliance of sun on water transcribed through sparkling details took these looks from day to night.

Woven leather baskets, espadrilles or a Breton stripe done in red silk on a long zippered jacket, the marine inspiration drew from the mundane to extract the nobility of workwear. As a result, the marriage of shapes and situations suggested, as did the windbreakers in the colors of nations partaking in regattas, that Moncler is taking the lead in the style race for summer 2015.