Moncler Grenoble Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 New York
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Moncler Grenoble Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 New York

Moncler Grenoble was the perfect Valentine.  For the big day we were whisked off to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a little bubbly here, a little chocolate there, maybe a mixed drink of sorts once things got settled in. And then the largest box of treats you've ever seen.

The show was presented as just that: a box of treats, with models popping out of the settings normally reserved for pieces of chocolate in coupled pairs to the romantic hits you never can forget. The grouping was definitely an athletic bunch, as is on par with the brand, with everything from ski and snowboard gear to neoprene leggings and ice skates. Fur and the brand's mainstay (quilting) were a constant, so the focus really was on the actual show of it all. That said though, there was a nubby Fair Isle knit as well as a few fur adorned boots that caught the eye.

And then for what was thought to be the climax, after all of the couples had retreated back inside the box, a proper bride and groom appeared, she in a full skirted, full length white puffer coat and he in a smart, black quilted replica of a tuxedo. It was the cherry on top of a well made sundae that caused more than a few "awww's." But that wasn't the end.

The betrothed were slowly joined by the more colored cohorts and then at a sign from Prince mixed into the soundtrack, every couple did what can only be considered as a reenactment of Andy Warhol's Kiss. With wandering hands and exposed tongues for what undoubtedly went on for a few minutes, each platform was dedicated to a pair of snogging models. A show indeed.